Phase 1 is over

Good morning guys ! Sorry I have been posting lately, it has been such a crazy two weeks. I’ve been working long shifts daily for 12 days in a row, trying to hit the gym and sleep enough.

The phase 1 of Jamie’s program is over now. Second phase starts tomorrow. Finally get to do some cardio! It has been very weird leave the gym without doing any, though on the other hand I’ve enjoyed it !
This weekend has been all about my 8 year old little sister and relaxing. We made an awesome pizza last night and watch Open Season 2 – hilarious! Today I’m going to surprise her by taking her to see Rio. It came out while ago but she still hasn’t seen it. She’s going to be so happy! :)
Anyways, I just thought I would stop by and say hi. :) I’ll write more thoughts tomorrow after the workout!


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